Your Metabolic Constitution

The dosha that is dominant in you determines your metabolic type. Knowing what type you are provides you with helpful tools for maintaining a healthy life of balance. It also helps in diagnosing diseases. Although diseases has numerous causes, including genetic, enviromental, and karmic factors, irritation of the doshas is always due to ill health.  … Continue reading Your Metabolic Constitution

ADHD and Diet

“The world needs all types of minds” There is no evidence that the behavioural disorder ADHD is caused by diet. However, research suggests that for some people dietary changes can improve symptoms. The science behind food's effects on behaviour and different social disorders is still quite new and controversial. But even now almost everyone agrees … Continue reading ADHD and Diet

Relaxing into a routine

A lifestyle is nothing but the long-term pattern made up of our daily routine and habits. Having a daily routine, called dinacharya in Ayurveda, is one of the most important elements of Ayurvedic medicine and a crucial part of our health. Daily routine = when we do the same things at the same time every … Continue reading Relaxing into a routine

Healing Osteoporosis: reclaiming stability and joy

More than 100 million women worldwide are affected by osteoporosis. Most women are taken by surprise when their doctors inform them that they have it. In the past, osteoporosis was diagnosed after a bone had been fractured or broken. Only recently has bone density awareness become available to the public.  The present way of life … Continue reading Healing Osteoporosis: reclaiming stability and joy

Everybody is different, and ‘Every Body’ is different

Motivational quotes about health, to start or finish your day!  1. “Your perspective of life may be a finite one, but you are neither finite nor limited! Refuse to live with guilt or regret. Refuse to see yourself as not good enough. You are totally sufficient in your health, wealth, citizenship & abundance.” Patricia Dsouza … Continue reading Everybody is different, and ‘Every Body’ is different