Timeless Wisdom – #acceptance

We all know – shit happens. What is easiest to change: your opinion about it or the shit that already happened?  The answer is obvious: accept your shit! Accept rather than to fight every little thing you can’t probably change.  But be smart, my friend! Instead of simply accepting of ‘shit’ – try to enjoy…whatever

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Football is good for your health

2018 World Cup Russia: Sweden – England Are you ready?? The plan for the next week from Becky: (8 July – 16 july)  Saffron Cauliflower – recipe Affirmations for the coffee table Timeless Wisdom ( #daily) Meta – ethics in the literature and daily life Cravings and Choices  Eat To Live: seeds and nuts Have a great

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Timeless Wisdom – #KeepGoing

I’m sure you know people who’ve been VERY lucky in life. Despite never planning, making reckless decisions, jumping from one thing to the next, they somehow survived without a scratch.  It’s natural to be a bit envious of these folks. We want the easy life too – or so we think. Anyone can get lucky.

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The true nature of space and time

Everybody pays attention to the things in space, but who pays attention to space itself? It’s amazing that nothing exists without space, yet space is nothing… According to Einstein, space and time are not separate. What does it mean? Is he saying that time is the fourth dimension of space? Maybe. It definitely contains a

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Affirmations for the coffee table

AN EXCELLENT WAY TO FIND YOUR HAPPINESS!  STEP #1 I choose to be happy and I deserve to be happy! STEP #2 Every day in every way I’m getting happier and happier! STEP #3 I spread happiness to others and absorb happiness from others! Next post – The true nature of space and time

Learn from the best…

#1 You looked for a flower – and found a fruit. You looked for a well – and found a sea. You looked for a woman – and found a soul. You are disappointed. #2  Of all our sunny world I wish only for a garden sofa where a cat is sunning itself. There I should sit with

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