Happiness is a powerful medicine: it can boost your mood

In a world consumed by ridiculous diets, over the top workouts and unrealistic body images, the most valuable type of health can often take a backseat.

  • Why are you working hard in the gym if you’re not working on your happiness
  • Why are you drinking kale and beet smoothies if you’re not actually happier at the end of the day?

If we go down these fitness tracks so that we can find happiness, why not just get started on your emotional and mental health right now? While physical health is extremely important to feeling happy, it’s only part of the picture. 

Becky want to help you enjoy life more, but this is going to require some tough love. So, let me tell it how it is…

The bad news? There are no shortcuts and it will be hard, especially when you’re just starting.
The good news? Once you get past the fads it becomes really simple.

Here are 6 things you can do today to help boost your mood and increase your happiness. Again, these are not easy, but they are very simple!

  1. Mindfulness. Set several timers on your phone to take five minutes of breathing and quiet time throughout your day. Realize that you are not your thoughts or emotions, those are temporary. I don’t like to use the word meditation because it has become such a buzz word. Plus it conjures unrealistic images of monks sitting in complete harmony. Honestly, if you can get just a few moments during those five minutes where you can quiet your thoughts that is a FANTASTIC RESULT! Have some patience, be gentle with yourself, and stick with it.
  2. Companionship. Send a friendly message to someone in your life who makes you happy. Maintaining these healthy relationships with friends or family has taken work, make the most of them!
  3. Sleep. Get 7-8 hours of sleep tonight and don’t look at a screen for two hours before bed. For many people work might make this impossible, but that is the gold standard and try your best.
  4. Eating habits. Do NOT consume artificial sweeteners or junk food. No matter how hard you exercise, you can’t outwork a bad diet. Eating candy and drinking soda are terrible for your body and will make you feel awful. 
  5. Weight loss. After you’re working on you emotional and mental wellbeing, you can tackle your physical health. Look this is really simple, just eat bit less than you consume. Ignore the crazy diets and supplements. This will require tracking everything you eat starting today. Even if you’re not losing weight rapidly, you can derive some happiness from knowing you’re on the right track.
  6. Exercise. In addition to everything prior, get in 15-30 minutes of cardio every second day. Walk, cycle, jog, or whatever gets your heart rate up. Cardio can help lower your stress levels and burn some extra calories. It can also boost your mood by releasing chemicals in your ‘depressed’ brain!

There it is!

6 things you can start doing today to increase your happiness. I hope these are of some benefit to you… Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself when trying to change habits.

Applaud your effort each day and forgive mistakes.
You are worthy!

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