7 facts about Japanese diet

Sometimes, it’s difficult to put a finger on why we love all Japanese…

When the question is posed, answers typically range from their polite and mature nature, to their commitment to honor and equality. Others like them for their unique language, or the fact that they supply the world with lots of anime! But few people speak about their food. Why? Its hard to tell. Perhaps other great aspects of their culture make for a distraction. Or they just don’t read articles like this 😂.

Whether you have plans to visit Japan or not, you’ll find this list interesting. Now grab a napkin and let’s check out seven amazing Japanese food facts:

  • Meals are prepared under the most hygienic of conditions – You might have noticed that Japanese are a very neat and organized people. Alas, it doesn’t end at their environment. Food in Japan is generally prepared under very strict, hygienic standards.

So go ahead – eat your sushi with NO FEAR of poisoning!

  • It’s difficult to become a sushi chef – Speaking of sushi, that simple-looking fish meal should be easy to prepare right? Wrong! Being a qualified sushi chef involves a lot of rigorous on-the-job training under a sushi master. This often spans YEARS or even DECADES!
  • Their waiters don’t want your tip – We understand that you’ve enjoyed your meal and you can’t wait to demonstrate your appreciation by tipping.

Guess what?  – DON’T.

!! Tipping is neither required or advised. In fact, it could be perceived to be insulting. Japanese waiters are trained professionals who are proud of what they do. They also get paid decently.

  • It’s hard to find vegetarian meals  – Bad news for vegetarians. It’s true that it can be difficult finding purely vegetarian dishes in Japan, even though much of their food is plant-based. This is because much of their meals are cooked in fish broth or bonito flakes. But if you’re willing to compromise a bit, you’ll enjoy the wide array of interesting cuisine on offer.
  • Rules, rules and more food rules – Everything from whether to make a slurping sound while eating your noodles to how to use chopsticks is guided by rules. As a new visitor, its easy to get intimidated by the Japanese food etiquette. But don’t worry. The staff are usually more than willing to help out, and it usually gets better with time.

Let’s make a slurping sound here…nice! 

  • Preparing food is an art – Attention to details is a central idea in Japanese meals. A great deal of thought is put into the preparation of every dish. From the specific flavors and ingredients used per time, to the presentation of the final meal, be sure that you’re eating a culinary masterpiece.
  • The simpler the better – If there’s anything like minimalist food, be sure you’ll find it in Japan. The Japanese pride in their ability to present simple meals that pack the full extent of desired flavors per bite. Like a surgeon at the theatre, every aspect of the meal creation is precisely contemplated to provide a great experience.

Share your experiences or knowledge about all Japanese as well…

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