There are 3 words in Japanese to describe the heart:
Shinzou – the heart as an organ (keeps you alive)
Hato – the heart as ‘love’ (to celebrate Valentine’s Day)
Kokoro – as the mind, soul or consciousness.

All 3 hearts are important for your existence, but let see what gives the nurturing to KOKORO –
Often we prioritize certain areas of life at the expense of others (for example, Job vs Family). Each day we are struggling between the fear of burning out and the fear of failure. We are pushing Kokoro-heart into the depths of our mind, closing doors and keeping it in prison for the rest of our lives.

The most important to remember: failure is unavoidable!
If you’ll except it – it will free you from a lot of pain and stress.
Say to yourself: ‘I am not perfect, but it doesn’t matter!’

How to nurture your KOKORO? Through IKIGAI (driving force, or finding purpose) + WABI-SABI (the beauty of change) + KINTSUGI (discovering the beauty of the imperfect).

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How alive are you? What does it mean ‘being half-alive’?
What is ‘belief’? What makes you conscious?
And what to do every day to feel happy..? 

Here’s an interesting Sadhguru talk – 16 min

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