We are getting older, but we are never “old”…

In the past few years we are more and more often using the gentle alternative to the word ‘old’. More often we are choosing words like:

‘mature’, ‘complete’, ‘grown’

We are often refusing to say ‘I am old’, using instead ‘I am still in the process…Yes, I’m getting older, but it’s soooo far ahead of me.’ Associations with the word ‘old’ are some way shattered. What is it really:

‘Dessert of Life’ or ‘Death’s waiting room’? 

Maybe it is a useless question or theme, the same as to ask yourself –

Is it fun to pee?’ OR ‘How great that we spend half of the lifetime in the sleep! 

Shake off all those silly questions outta your head. Old age is a constant process – from the day we were born till the day we’ll die. With a very cool gap between. That gap is a time to make the most of life. A real fun! two-young-people-having-fun-at-a-festival_lisa-help-millenials-save

No-one knows when the ‘old age’ is going to squeeze all our juice  – or even if we’ll ever get old enough. The future is uncertain. But despite that – we still love to live, to plan, to experience. 
I can’t imagine situation when a person think: ‘I don’t need to walk at all. Maybe I’ll break my legs or get influenza next month…’ We want to live, we want to experience the best in life.  

Hanne Kjoller wrote a book “23 things to remember when I’ll get old’ (in swedish). I’m inviting you to read, reflex and think. Do not forget to smile!

  • See the value of habits – and the risk of sticking to them too tight
  • Cherish your relationships
  • Keep your body in trim 
  • Take care of your weight, but try to enjoy a good food
  • Do not focus on yourself only…the world is BIG!
  • Buy a red lipstick
  • Get a dog
  • Cut your driving license
  • Check your hearing 
  • Remember, there are more important things in life than sleep and pooping
  • Avoid hospitals
  • Do not be afraid of change or to move
  • Accept ageing 
  • Never leave home without glasses, knife and pencil
  • Plan your funeral
  • Take risks – you’ll die anyway

So, how ‘OLD’ is ‘OLD’? And how would look your own reminders for the ‘older’ YOU? 


Dagny Carlsson, oldest Blogger in Sweden, 106 years – check the video at the gym

The quote: 

Age has given me what I was looking for my entire life – it has given me Me . It has provided time and experience and failures and triumphs and time-tested friends who have helped me step into the shape that was waiting for me. Anne Lamott


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