‘The Plant Paradox’, Dr. Steven R. Gundry or Know Your Enemies!

We want to live a happy healthy life. We are trying to find different ways to achieve that perfect health everybody is talking about.

Your dietary dilemma is solved!
Today…by Becky and Dr Steven R. Gundry.

The problem is your gut is under ATTACK, and you, poor fella, don’t know about it. I guess you are expecting the usual chat – ‘the modern foods and diet makes you FAT and SICK’, which is true, by the way… but I’ll go further and say – whatever you have learned in your years of hard-time-dieting and trying to figure out what to eat and what don’t – you still don’t know your real ENEMY! Not yet.

The name of your ENEMY is LECTIN.
It is some kind of a nazi and we are at the WAR!

Here’s more clear explanation, based on the book ‘The Plant Paradox’, by Steven R. Gundry, MD

#1 It is not your fault that you don’t know shit about food and eating what you are eating. You can not succeed in healing yourself or staying healthy if you don’t understand the ROOT causes behind your poor health.

It will shock and amaze you!

Dude, you are eating wrong all your life…
You are damaged. Your gut is damaged. Your cells are damaged. That’s why do no expect to look young and pretty after 40-50-60. And hey… prepare to die!lica-10#2 There’s a war between PLANTS and ANIMALS. You are the animal.

Let me make one thing crystal clear – there’s NO question that consuming certain plants is essential for good health, and therein lies the paradox.

‘What should I remove to live to 250 yo?’ – you asks Dr Steven.
‘Everything you like to eat,’ – he winks.

For a starters, all veggies that has seeds (tomato, cucumber, squash, string beans) is botanically a fruit and should be removed.
Next: the less fruits – the better.
And much more, check here for the instructions: HERE

So what’s about the war? – you’d ask. It’s simple. The plants don’t want to be eaten (and who can blame them, right?). Like any living thing, their instinct is to propagate the next generation of their species. Don’t forget, plants appeared on land about 450 millions ago, long before the first insects (which arrived 90 million years later).

So who is the BOSS?

If you’ll destroy their Garden of Edens – they’ll destroy you too.

#3 Looks Can Be Deceiving.

Nowadays you can get any fruit any time of the year. There’re no seasonal food anymore.  All fruits and veggies are picked unripe and then given a blast of ETHYLENE OXIDE, which changes the colour to make the fruit appear ripe and ready to eat.

But even then, LECTIN content remains high because the protective qualities of the warrior-plant! Thanks to the high lectin count, eating fruit picked too early is detrimental to your health.
You’ve been warned, buddy!
And always remember, a plant KNOWS when it is being eaten! (well, the last research reveals that).

Attention: if you ever experienced brain fog – thank lectins. If you have problems with sugar level or weight gain – thank lectins.


If fish fed corn – it isn’t fish anymore. If cows fed corns and soybeans (that’s what they does!) – it isn’t meat anymore. It is a walking GRAIN or BEAN.


Knowing how the food you eat was grown and raised is not just a lifestyle choice; it also directly affects your health and longevity.


#5 No, Dr. Steven or Becky aren’t anti-vegetable! We are far from it!
And here lies the paradox, again! We may be at war with plants, but they contains the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important micronutrients for our health.

#6 If you want find out more…go grab the book, you won’t regret it! You’ll find out:

  • why do we have smaller bodies and smaller brains than our ancestors from 8000 BCE
  • how the modern diets (paleo, Atkins and so on) makes us sick
  • what is the key to unlocking fat storage
  • how to make diabetes disappear
  • how to live a happy peaceful HEALTHY life
  • how to become a friend to plants? Easy!

At the end, I have to say I’m on ‘Plant Paradox Programme’ now (last 3 days) and I lost 1,5 kg and eh, I feel fine. Next step – 60 days of the the paradox-plan, phase 2. Will I survive? Let’s see…

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    Last 3 days – green smoothies, spinach, pecans, avocado and roman salat, so called ‘Paradox of July’ …in case if you are wondering what I’m doing, explanation is here.


  2. What an interesting, and terrifying post!! 😂😂 I’ve dealt with too many people changing their minds on what to eat that I now just eat whatever I want. I REALLY don’t want to live to 250yo anyways (… With the way the world is NOW?? Who would?!) I figure people had no idea about proper nutrition or omegas, probiotics and anti-oxidants and they did just fine. So, we’ll see what happens! 😂😉🤞


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