Cravings and Choices

‘Eat what you want – when you are truly hungry. Stop when you are full. And eat exactly what appeals to you. Do this instead  of any diet, and you are unlikely to ever have a weight problem, let alone an eating disorder.’
The National Eating Disorder Association

It’s a great advice, but with one proviso: ‘AS LONG AS YOU ARE COMING FROM A PLACE OF PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL BALANCE’. Because ‘exactly what appeals to you’ can be dangerous and change from person to person. Here are some examples: 

  • Mary goes for a brisk walk for a half an hour or so in the perfect weather. Her blood is pumping, her mind is clear, and when she comes in the house around lunchtime, the idea of a salad appeals to her. She has one. It hits the spot. She feels great.
  • Jane forgot to eat breakfast, dropped 3 kids off at 3 different places, and did errands at 4 different stores. At 9:30 she walks by a plate of doughnuts. They appeal to her. She eats one and feels a little more grounded at first. Wishing a short time, howler,she’s slightly depressed and jittery. 

The objects we crave run the gamut from fresh apples to pizza, salad, soup, cigarettes, sugar and heroin. Why do we sometimes crave what is good for us and sometimes what is not good – or is downright damaging to our system?

The body naturally craves what will maintain its status QUO. If its status quo changes, the body has to adjust accordingly. If we start out in a pretty healthy place -> we will crave things that are going to support that state. The problem IS …our status QUO is not always healthy!

So if our starting point in life is unhealthy, then we CAN’T trust our cravings!

We need some rules or guidelines to follow until we return to a state of health (or achieve it for the first time in our lives), and learn or relearn what it feels like to be healthy in body and mind. 

Yes, it takes effort and commitment to change our dietary and lifestyle habits. The further we are from optimal health, the more brave and tenacious we need to be to achieve it. 

Each of you have an innate ability to access whether or not a food is good for you.
Yes, you are weak!
And yes, you want that slice of pizza or a cake!
But ask yourself: are your cravings trustworthy or is it your ‘perverted status quo’ talking to you? 🙂



Info from the book of Dr Claudia Welch, images – Google
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6 thoughts on “Cravings and Choices

  1. It is great advice. It usually takes a taste of achieving your goals (dropping a size in jeans) to make you want to continue or even try harder to keep making right choices.


  2. Ha ha! I understand COMPLETELY! I’m normally pretty good with my choices, but yesterday I had a bad day at work and decided I deserved a meatloaf tv dinner and chips and dip!… It was not my finest moment! 😂😉


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