Timeless Wisdom – #KeepGoing

I’m sure you know people who’ve been VERY lucky in life. Despite never planning, making reckless decisions, jumping from one thing to the next, they somehow survived without a scratch. 


It’s natural to be a bit envious of these folks. We want the easy life too – or so we think. Anyone can get lucky. There’s no skills in being lucky, and no one would consider that as greatness. 

The person who perseveres through difficulties, who keeps going when others quit, who makes it to the destination through hard work -> that’s impressive, because it is the result of fortitude and resilience, not birthright or circumstances. 

Keep Going! Success is on the way…

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8 thoughts on “Timeless Wisdom – #KeepGoing

  1. That person who seems lucky may have had many struggles and failures before their successes. Attitude is everything! A failure can be defining – but which definition is up to you! It can label you a failure or it can be a lesson and motivation to get back up and try harder. Keep going….absolutely!!! 😘

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  2. Not sure if this is 100% relevant, but it could be a little–I’ve barely been blogging a year…and I feel like I am creating stuff that people might want or need to read some day. The better I feel about my writing, the less interest is generated and the quieter it becomes. I feel like typical social media platforms are like a ghost-town right now…
    Is this a trend typical of summer months? Last summer it would have made sense no one was reading my stuff, but now I am beginning to think there is some kind of conspiracy that I be ignored…


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