The true nature of space and time

Everybody pays attention to the things in space,
but who pays attention to space itself?

It’s amazing that nothing exists without space, yet space is nothing…

According to Einstein, space and time are not separate. What does it mean? Is he saying that time is the fourth dimension of space? Maybe. It definitely contains a core of truth.

1. What you perceive as space and time is an illusion. The only difference – they have external existence outside of you. So they are simply messing with your mind.
Space is NO-THING, so it never been created. It is emptiness. ‘To exist’ literally means ‘to stand out’. You can not understand space because it doesn’t stand out. Is Space the God we are looking for?

!! But even if it doesn’t exist – it still enables everything else to exist.

The essence of all things is emptiness.


And the greatest miracle is: 

– stillness that enables the universe to BE, is not just out there – it is also within you. When you are totally in present – you can feel it as the still inner space of no-mind. By becoming aware of the empty space around you – you become aware of Life.

Fact: even solid matter, including your physical body, is nearly 100 % empty space. Even inside every atom – mostly empty space. It reminds some kind of vibration, like a musical note.

What kind of a note are you?..

2. We are often wondering about purpose of the world…We are the purpose. Because we are here to enable the divine of this universe.


3. Space and silence are 2 aspects of the same thing, or the same NOTHING. Most humans are completely unconscious of this dimension. Because most of us are out of balance. In other words, we know the world (or think we do), but we don’t know the Life. Thats why we live in Fear. This Fear causes a deep misunderstanding of the other humans or ourselves. As the result – the vision of our world is distorted.


If there were no illusion, there would be no enlightenment.

4. Every form is destined to dissolve again, so at the end – nothing matters all that much.

Yes, buddy…you are going to die.
Not today, so smile a bit 🙂

Understand: when you go through it – you are loosing only your MIND-MADE FORM. You realize that death is an illusion, because your identification with this form (as Bob, Emily, Nancy, Paul or whoever you are) is an illusion too. The end of illusion – is ALL that death is.

If you’ll cling to illusion…it will be painful. So let it go.

Ahhh, don’t you feel a bit better now, when Death is explained to you?


Wrap up: Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. ‘Heart Sutra’

Based on the book of Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power Of Now’

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14 thoughts on “The true nature of space and time

    1. haha, i have tried to make it as simple as possible 🙂 it is from the spiritual guide of Eckhart Tolle… but I wanted to share this piece, because I think, we ppl, really misunderstand what space and time is


  1. I think that “out of balance” has to do with so much talking lol out there. I think of this notion as I’m thinking of a certain neighbor of mine. She tends to talk, yet never listens, and moreover, never really say anything substantial lol. (No worries, she’ll never see this comment lol so I can talk freely behind her back lol! Are my devil horns showing?) I honestly don’t mean it badly but I think she’s just gotten into the nervous habit of talking before thinking.

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    1. the thing is …it is a fact – all around us is a vibration and we are too 🙂 because we are walking energies.
      but i guess lately the world went mad – and not sure what kind of the music will get out of it lol

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  2. LOL! I agree we are putting off a vibration. And those with better senses can feel that vibration. Animals can sure sense it. And I can tell when I chant how that vibration resonates in my body. Music is pretty magical – takes over my mind. Hoping for good music and for the madness to stop soon 🙂

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