Food, Medicine and Poison

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. Hippocrates

In Easter Medicine it is believed that most diseases find their roots in disorders of the digestive tracts, so the ability to properly digest what we consume, physically and emotionally, is very important. 


anything, that is digested well;
nourishes us;
passes through the body without any negative effects.

enhances digestive ability.

hinders your digestive abilities.
(to tell you honestly, I wanted to say – YOU…)

To know which foods are good for you, the first consideration is which foods you can digest well. We are digesting food well IF: 

  • we feel energised after eating
  • have no significant burping or noise
  • have no gas, or bloating
  • we have 1 or 2 well-formed bowel movements every day



How does poor digestion lead to the formation of AMA (toxic sludge) and subsequently to disease? 

First of all, what is AMA? It is either the product of poor digestion or the result of exposure to toxic pollutants and pharmaceutical or recreational drugs. AMA is considered toxic, because its presence in your body creates a hospitable environment for diseases ranging from stiff joints and arthritis to high cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer. 

Ama circulates around the body. Everybody wants to belong and toxic sludge is NO EXCEPTION. It goes from tissue to tissue, asking:

May I live here? How about here?

The reply it gets will determine where the AMA lodges. When the AMA finds a weak or challenged neighbourhood of the body – it resides. If there’re no weak links (too good genes), AMA may collect in the body’s joints, especially in the extremities, because joints are more vulnerable than other tissues. 


Ok…I see you aren’t scared yet. At first, it’s no big deal. A little sludge here, a little there. But if more and more sludge builds up in the weak spots and if the clean up and elimination systems are unhealthy…the poison will stay. We all understand that the disease is a gradual process. We don’t wake up one day in our sixties and discover we have arthritis. Its all the poor digestion, and toxic exposure over many days, months, years. It is a common way for disease to be born, take root and flourish.


  • If you consume something but can’t digest it well – it becomes POISON. 
  • If you consume something and can digest – it is FOOD.
  • If you consume something that improves your digestive capability without causing any other problems – it is MEDICINE.

Considering the importance of digestion – choose a diet that supports your digestive capacity!


Featured image – Google
From the book ‘Balance your hormones’, Dr Claudia Welch
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10 thoughts on “Food, Medicine and Poison

  1. Since our guts produce 60% of our neurotransmitters, having a healthy gut is pretty important for our brain health. But it’s getting harder to avoid all the toxins that end up in our food. Yuck, toxic sludge !

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      1. 90 % organic – applause to you!
        yeah, no way we can escape the chemicals…so I think you are eating very healthy 🙂
        I actually love gluten lol but I’m eating time to time gluten free as well, bcz my husband eating foods without gluten

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      2. I used to add extra gluten to the breads I baked 🙂 We’ve just way over-polluted the planet. I have neurotoxic reactions to chemicals now – crazy stuff


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