Sex fantasies and what they reveal about you


“I have too many fantasies to be a housewife…
I guess I am a fantasy.”
Marylin Monroe

Are you dreaming about someone’s armpits or their bad breath? Well, congratulations! Dr. Becky can organise it for you today.

‘Any wild fantasy isn’t significantly bad’, – says danish psychologists. In fact, they usually encourage you to try it:

”most people have about 7 or 8 fantasies a day,
although the range can be from none to 40 and up.’

I am falling into the range of NONE a day. Don’t know ‘why’…but guys always think that my head is swirling with the porn fantasies all day long. Beep-beep! You are so wrong, guys!


Here’s the actual conversation, happened with me in London. 

‘But they have to mean something, your sexual fantasies…’

’They doesnt mean a shit to me. That’s why it is called a fantasy, because I don’t want it to become my reality.’

‘But tell me just one…anything you like. Something dirty.’ (he smiles, and drinks)

My reflection:
Of course, I could say to him – SEX WITH A STRANGER and then it would show that I am a dominating cool chick who can do whatever she want to with whoever she wanna do that. But he is a STRANGER too. So I dont want to get in the situation where I have to sex-exercise all night long by proving my fantasy and bedroom-skills while working wonders on his never-been-stronger d@ck. That’s why I answered:

‘Role play’

My reflection:
This one is a saviour! And believe me, guys gonna LOVE it. They are imaging you in those cute rabbit dresses or in the dirty nun poncho or in the worst ever scenario – as a pole dancer (add crazy acrobatics)… That’s why, just in case, I’d advice to add:

‘Because I am an artist’

Male: (they never give up)
‘Would you like to try public sex?’

My reflection:
Yeah. How unexpectadly, right? You know him 20 minutes and he’s already touching the most precious desires that we, girls, are hiding even from ourselves. In the deepest dark corners.

‘Let’s try here, in the park…’

My reflection:
Lol very practical. He continue pushing the limits. And by the limits I mean your GOLD Patience and Kindness. He is probably an adventure junkie who is seeking an adrenaline thrill and the possibility of having sex with anything what moves this evening in the park. Ah, we, women… we don’t just want men to be better, we expect it to magically happen – we believe, we can simply make them ‘just like us’. Forget it. Whatever. The best you can do – burn the holes into his skull with a mad stare.

‘Or maybe 3-some?’he will add.

My reflection:
Yes, he WILL. Because #1 he desires to be caught with his pants down and between two girls.  And #2 – he would like to show who is the host = read: ‘too-experienced’ man with a GIANT – MONSTROUS -ALMOST CYCLOPEAN – TITANIC LOOKING c@ck in charge.

‘Hm, I see…a totally new turn. It keeps life exciting, isn’t it?’

My reflection:
Yes. This is what I said. I know it was wrong. Don’t get mad. I just love to play…


Take away: Well, folks, don’t worry. Your private fantasies falls in that space noone has access to, and plus, that has little to do with your real life, behaviour or values. Yeah, some psychologists said they do reveal something about your ‘personality’ and your desires that you might not be aware of. But a night of unbridled passion with a mysterious person on the delicious cold bench in the park, surrounded by a homeless crowd of hungry birds, sounds like a ‘911’-action to me. I’d say – stick to your fantasies, it is healthier that way. 

Next post – Affirmations for the coffee table 

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