Timeless Wisdom – #happiness

Ask enough people what they want in life and you’ll hear ‘happiness’ as the overwhelming response. Although we all have a wide variety of specific answers, happiness is what we most want – yet, it’s what most of us understand the least.

Happiness happens on the way to fulfilment. To fill me with the happiness – buy me…no, not a house lol but a coffee

Buy Me A Coffee

Why? Because everything is an illusion, but coffee is REAL.ย 

Happiness happens when you have a bigger purpose than just taking the money from your own wallet to buy me a coffee (would be easier to take it from someone else’s pocket, right?). So I guess I have to come up with the purpose…because it is the straight Path to that hot coffee cup (which is my personal source of strength for the writing!).
Okay! So here it is –

My purpose is to help you to live your greatest life possible through my writing, advising and teaching. And hey, who always makes you smile?ย 

There are 2 ways to be happy today: buy a coffee for your favourite blogger (it is me, right? what? NOOOO???ย ๐Ÿ˜‚) and buy a coffee for yourself.
Because happiness didn’t have to be about the big things, or about having everything in your life in place. Maybe happiness is just about a bunch of very small pleasures.

Shit happens. Coffee helps!Shit happens. Coffee helps!

Ahhh, I feel I could be happy anywhere with this sweet cup in my hand, at least today.ย Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give. ย 

I feel the aroma already, hurry up…

In fact, right in this moment, I can’t even remember what ‘unhappy’ feels like, buddy! And yes, I am smiling!ย If we smile at someone, he or she should smile back. And no, don’t worry – a smile costs nothing. Let’s spread the joy around! Because if we are to die in a minute (just kidding) – why not to die with a cup of coffee in the hand, happy, and laughing?ย 


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