Timeless Wisdom – #OnePerson

No-one is self made. Everyone has one person who either means the most to them or was the first to influence, train or help them. 

No one succeeds alone. No one. 

Even Albert Einstein had Max Talmud, his first mentor. It was Max who introduced a 10-year old Einstein to key texts in math, science, and philosophy. Max took one meal a week with the Einstein family for 6 years while guiding young boy. 

There’re many examples: Walt Disney – his #oneperson was his brother Roy, a businessman and banker, who helped Walt with the job at an art studio; Oprah Winfrey – who credits her father; for John Lennon and Paul McCartney – George Martin, who is considered one of the greatest record producers of all the time. 

Look behind any story or ‘life’ and you’ll see – theres always someONE there. I’m sure you also had (or has) such person who helped you with your skills or passion. 

“A parent gives life, but as parent, gives no more. A murderer takes life, but his deed stops there. A teacher affects eternity – because his influence never stops.” Henry Adams


What is your passion? Who’s your first (or ONE) influencer? 


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Info from the book of Gary Keller; image – Pinterest

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