Everybody is different, and ‘Every Body’ is different

Motivational quotes about health, to start or finish your day! 

1. “Your perspective of life may be a finite one, but you are neither finite nor limited! Refuse to live with guilt or regret. Refuse to see yourself as not good enough. You are totally sufficient in your health, wealth, citizenship & abundance.”
Patricia Dsouza

2. “Here’s a good reason to never think of yourself as a VICTIM: the origin of the word comes from living creatures sacrificed to supernatural powers. So don’t you let anyone pin you down on an altar and take the life from you. You might have been hurt, abused, wounded, and used, but you are not theirs. You are your own. The meaning of OWN means to make one’s own…so there you go. You decide. They don’t.”
Toni Sorenson

3. “Addiction brings apathy. Break the apathy, and you break the addiction.”
Mango Wodzak

4. “Our body hears whatever is in our minds and responds.”
Akiroq Brost 

5. “Please be kind to your body, take care of it; because it loves you unconditionally. There is an army/a plethora of organisms that are at work day and night without a moment’s respite to keep it going. It protects you from illnesses; repairs cuts and heals broken bones. Your heart doesn’t stop beating, even when you are asleep or resting; it snatches those very few moments between heartbeats. Despite the misuse that you put it to, it always faithfully and dutifully takes it in its stride. In a nutshell – it never lets you down and serves you with all its heart.
So, be kind to it, don’t punish it for loving you!”
Latika Teotia 


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  1. Your lates comment on my amazing blog you said, quote “I’m an obssesive liar?” I just lie there is no difference in Compulsive or not, you lie I lie everybody does, now what I’m thinking is why in the holy world would I try to reply to the comment to you and then it tells me “I cant get trhough”…….you liar.
    So now I’m going to read you post

    i’m a quick read, and anything you wrote applies to me. Why am a reading you then, or I could be a liar


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